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Therapeutic Exercises in Surrey to Get You Back!

In addition to conventional physiotherapy treatments, White Rock Orthopaedic also offers therapeutic exercises to help accelerate the healing process. Therapeutic exercises are different from most exercises in that they are specifically meant for correcting detailed problems. With a focus on regaining flexibility, strength and endurance related to certain physical problems, therapeutic exercise in Surrey can improve and restore physical function in injured muscles and tendons.

Therapeutic exercise can be defined as an activity that is performed or practiced in order to develop or improve a specific function or skill. We systematically plan each exercise to ensure the body movements develop and maintain physical fitness.


Reach out to make an appointment for our therapeutic exercises in Surrey. You can read our regularly updated blog to find out more. 


What Are Therapeutic Exercises?

Therapeutic exercises are movements that restore your function and flexibility. While doing so, they also decrease your pain and improve your strength. The exercises we include in your treatment plan will depend entirely on your condition and physical limitations. For instance, we might start you off with a range of motion exercises and then progress to resistive ones as your functional abilities improve.


Please contact us if you have any questions about our therapeutic exercises in Surrey. We also offer sports physiotherapy to help improve your athletic abilities.


How Will Therapeutic Exercises Relieve My Pain?

The idea that someone in pain needs to rest is a widespread misconception. However, this weakens your muscles, which causes decreased functionality and increased pain in the long run. Our therapeutic exercises in Surrey use movements to improve strength, range of function and overall motion. Our individualized plans aim to alleviate your pain while strengthening the weak areas in your body. We want our clients to live pain-free lives with even greater strength and endurance.

Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise in Surrey & Area

The ultimate goal of therapeutic exercise is to achieve optimal levels of symptom-free movement during basic and complex physical activities. After surgery, work-related injuries or sports injuries, therapeutic exercise can:

  • Improve and restore physical function
  • Prevent the loss of function
  • Enhance your functional capabilities
  • Prevent and decrease impairment or disability
  • Improve your overall health, fitness and sense of well-being

As your injury will be very different from another patient’s injury, our physiotherapists are sure to individually analyze your problem and develop a therapeutic exercise program that will meet your unique needs.

Common Therapeutic Exercises We Utilize

When providing you with therapeutic exercises in Surrey, we use many techniques such as:

  • Range of motion: The goal is to maintain and increase range of motion through passive, active and active assisted exercises as well as techniques of joint mobilization and soft tissue stretching. 
  • Muscle performance: These exercises increase muscle strength, power and endurance through resisted and endurance techniques. 
  • Postural: These therapeutic exercises increase muscle strength and mobility to improve your posture and correct faulty posture.
  • Balance and coordination: After an injury, you may be off-balance or less coordinated than before. These exercises are designed to improve your balance and coordination. 
  • Relaxation: Muscles may be tense after an injury, so these exercises are implemented to induce relaxation, which can help speed along the healing process. 
  • Area-specific: Area-specific exercises can improve various functioning, depending on the location of your injury. Common area-specific exercises include breathing and circulatory exercises.

Each type of therapeutic exercise focuses on a different goal or muscle group to ensure your specific needs are being met by our prescription of exercises.

Contact Us to Learn More about Therapeutic Exercise in Surrey


Once you schedule a consultation to learn more about therapeutic exercise in Surrey, our physiotherapists will determine which type of exercises you need to regain mobility in your injured area. We will prescribe exercises that will meet your short and long-term goals so that you can reach the overall health, fitness and sense of well-being you desire.

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